In the middle of Sweden:

If you look at a map of Sweden, you are going to see that we live quite in the middle of Sweden. If you'd like to see the whole country, than you have a really good starting point here. If you meassure it from here, you have 950 km Sweden to the north and south, and about 150 km of Sweden to the west an east. It's ideal to start your trips from here, no matter if you want to see the sparsely populated Fjäll region or the eastern coast of Sweden.


If you want to book a holiday where the only thing you want to do ist to relax, then you are right here in the middle of the woods. Just arrived you are going to notice, that watches seem to slow down here a bit. If you are used to the city speed, this is quite unusual, sometimes even unpleasent at the beginning, but this feeling is going to disappear after two or three days, and then you are really going to relax.

Hiking, Biking, Walking:

Around here we have plenty of space, and this space belongs to all the people who are here to hike, bike or just walk arroung. Thanks to the swedish "everymans-right" everybody has the possibility to moove free and enjoy nature as long as no other beeing is going to be disturbed by your doing. So we need to pay attention that we dont damage or contaminate nature, then we are free to enjoy and move around where our feet or bikes go. A little caution is adviced. The area is vast, and there ist forrest as long as you can see. You need a good sense of orientation, so that you don't risk not to find your way home.

Berries and Mushrooms:

As well as you can walk arround here as you like you can also collect berries and mushrooms, as much as you like. In our area wh have lots of blueberries, cranberries, cloudberries, raspberries and some more. You can find mushrooms as well, but i up till now i didn't bother, what types you are going to find.


Sweden is a land of lakes. This is especially true for our area in the middle north. Behind every tree you can find a lake here. Fishing is not expensive here. The fishing allowance for one year costs about 350 SEK (ca. 40 EUR) If you'd like to fish trouts you need to go to a special lake. This will cost about 100 SEK (ca. 12 EUR) and you can take 5 trouts (if you are lucky to catch so many). The fishing allowance can you fill in yourself and after that, you are ready to start.

SVEG - capital of Härjedalen:

Sveg is not big, but you have all the possibilities to shop and other possibilities if you want to spend there a day whith bad weather. They have for example a fully equipped indoor swimming pool. Sveg is about 40 km away from here, and this means that you have to drive about 30 minutes by car. If you want to read more about Sveg, you can do this if you click this link: Härjedalen

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