Emigration to Sweden

A question that so many people think about, one that we were also often asked, is: How did you get this idea, that you really want to emigrate? You have a good job, many friends, everything seems to be quite well - why would you like to do such an incisive thing?

The answer to this question is not easy, maybe because we haven't been quite aware, why we had the wish to emigrate.

In the meantime we found our answer:

We wanted to live the life to the very best.

This means for us - we wanted to make new experiences, learn a new language. We wanted to live much more concious within nature, and try to find back to our real selfs. We all have limited time on this planet, and this time should be fully exploited! Just to lean back in your own safety was not our joice.

Through peoples reactions, since they know what we are going to do, we have found out, that many have the intrinsic wish to do such a thing. They just don't have the courage to try it.

That's why we'd like to encourage all people to trust in their own ideas, and their implementation. If you really have the wish to make a change its only one step left - you need to do it!

If you do it, then this has sideeffects - on yourself, on others, and you have to include this in your reflections - but in the end you have to make a decission, and you have to stand by it.

We have learnd a very important lection of life from our dogs - there is only the NOW - Everything else is meaningless. That's why we are trying to make the most of our lives, and just forget phrases like - we can do this tomorrow, i can do this when i am retired. If you have ideas, if you have plans, work hard that they come true, and don't wait until sometime.

Ultimately, only the present is crucial

last update: 01.02.2013 / (c) Gasser Walter Impressum