Holidays with us in Nissebo

Togehter with our house we have bought two little holiday homes. First we thought about what we are going to do with those, and after all we made the decission to renovate both houses and to rent them to friends, familiars and other interested people for their holidays.

Our holiday homes are equipped with running hot water - toilet and shower are not directly in the accomodation (this is quite usal in Sweden). There is a common bath house in the middle between the two houses. Soon we are going to build another little house for the massage table and a little quilt shop.

Tourists, who come to visit us, should know, that we are living in the deep countryside, far far away from city life. Here is a lot of nature, but no culture. If you'd like to relax for a while, go hiking, walking, cykling, collect berries or mushrooms, fishing, amm. then you are at the right place.

If you book a holiday with us, there are no hidden costs. Everything like sheets or cleaning is included in the price we tell you, there will be now surprises afterwards. When you book a holiday, we expect a deposit of 50% of your accommodation costs to guarantee your booking. If it is neccessary that you have to cancel your trip, you will get a part or all of your money back, depending on the time between your cancellation and your holiday. We will inform you much better in an information mail, if you are interested in booking a holiday here.

We would be pleased, if you are interested in the informations we show you here. If it's like that, leave us a message and so we can take a look together if and where we have a place for you in one of our holiday homes - we are looking forward to your mail !

these are our two little holiday homes

Walter Gasser und Simone Steuxner
Vänsjö 160
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härliga Härjedalen

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