Nissebo - house rules

Here in Nissebo we try to live in accordance with nature. Out of this desire some rules are arising, that our guests should know and respect.

The highest rule is a carefull handling of Mother nature. - Trash should be disposed in the designated containers, it should not be left behind. Every place you visit here should be cleaned up when you are leaving it.

Our dogs are very important to us - we treat them in a respectful way, and we expect our guests, that they respect their place as well. If our dogs are out in their kennel, please don't note them - they have their leisure time out there. Generally concerning dogs (especially out dogs): Don't look at them, dont talk with them, just ignore them !!

Our own free space ist very important to us - we treat everybody in a respectful manner and with appreciation. If we are in our houses, we need our time. We don't just open doors tho "foreign" houses and invite ourselfs.

Walter Gasser und Simone Steuxner
Vänsjö 160
84293 SVEG
härliga Härjedalen

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