An Angel ist one, who is sent by God into your life, unexpected and undeserved, so that he can light you some stars, when it is totally dark. (Phil Bosmans)

Aljoscha Sirbiskaya Szbeska
(Aljoscha from Siberian Star)
* 07.06.1988 / +18.08.2004 (18:00)

You are something special…

of Withe Dog Farme Stone
* 20.04.1999 / +23.03.2008 (Ostersonntag 12:30)

A dog has just one goal in his life - to give away his heart. (J.R. Ackerley)

Notfellchen Gasser-Steuxner
* 01.01.2006 / 22.06.2008 11:00 (für uns) / +03.01.2014 (16:00)

Our tornado…

We are never so lost, that our guardian angel can't find us. (Stephanie Powers)

Notfellchen Gasser-Steuxner
* 11.05.2008 / 05.06.2010 22:00 (für uns) / +21.08.2016 (15:00)

The newcomer

Never forgett, that you came to this world to be loved. (...)

Notfellchen Gasser-Steuxner
envis men tycker mycket om husse
* 22.08.2013

The little guy

Those are my principles. If you don’t like them I have others. (Groucho Marx)

Notfellchen Gasser-Steuxner
alltid glad och upp för en puss
* 21.04.2016

The little diva

Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most. (...)

Miltonia's Skoks Vittra
envis och självbestämmande och (nästan) chef i flocket
* 11.07.2016


life is wasted when you can not pull something. (...)

Draghund ...
* 26.01.2017

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