Quiltköping 2020 second place :)

time flies also in Corona times and sometimes still good news arrive.
In my case I got the news that I had won a second place ribbon at our Swedish Quiltfestival  Quiltköping 2020 which was a semi-virutel Quilt show for this year.
With all Quiltshows cancelled this year this was really a big highlight for everyone following it on fb.

Winning 2.place just feels greate after all of these last months
here are some pictures from my little quilt:  „wild and free, simply me“  Theme was: ohio star (quilt block interpretation).

Hope you are all well! Stay safe!

Happy quilting!
Love Simone




Freaking awsom good news

it´s been a while since I´ve been here 🙂
Time is flying and I was busy working and enjoying winter with my dogs.
a new show quilt is finished and already on it´s way to it´s first show… so let´s start with all the good news 🙂 and hopp right in.

„Grandma Sofie´s Garden“ was Finalist at Road2California 2020 and was last week accepted into Spring Paducah in April.. whoo whoo 🙂 fingers crossed. I´ll be there to see how it doe´s 🙂
“ Joyride“ my newest showquilt was just accepted into MQX New England together with „Rainbow of hope“…
I will reveal „Joyride“ after the judging was done in April, so fingers crossed there too 🙂
But…. the best of the best News came late last night from Dubai International Quiltshow 2020.
My quilt „ Green is Gold“ won the BEST of HOME MACHINE QUILTED award and
My quilt „ Why me? Why not? won 1st Place contemporary category.. 
How freaking awesome is that 🙂
here  pictures of the 2 quilts, I hope to get pictures with the awards on it too.

I got a picture from the show with ribbon 🙂

As always goes a big Thank you to the Love of my Life, Walter!
He is simply amazing and always has my back!

Happy quilting!
Love Simone


again… :)

Hej 🙂
today I got the latest magazine from our Quilters Guild the „Rikstäcket“.
They made an interview with me in summer, during our exhibition in Mora 🙂 whilst I was teaching there.
Now I finally can show the result… it still feels strange to see myself again in a newspaper.. ha ha ha… 🙂
(yes, it is in swedish, and no I won´t translate it all)
It´s about how I came to Sweden, how I create my quilts and even a few prizes are listed from my most successful quilts. I creat my quilts mostly by dreaming them or getting a vision. I have kind of photographic memory which helps a lot 🙂
The article is written in a very kind tone and I´m humble for how much I´am appreciated here 🙂  Thank you!
The last days made me pause, and look back on how much my life has changed, especially in the last 3 years, to the positive side. I´m very grateful for it! 🙂

here the pictures, enjoy!

Happy quilting!

Love Simone


Miracles happen – or Houston 2019 I´m coming


Whilst teaching in Mora I got the fantastic news that my Quilt
„Rainbow of hope“ was accepted /juried in to the “ A world of beauty“ competition in Houston 2019.
For the non quilters here… that´s the invitation to the Olympic games for quilters.
It just left me speechless 🙂

this is so far my most successful quilt! Never thought I would come that fare, when I started my journey.
Now, fingers crossed – a long time of waiting and hoping has just begone 🙂

happy Quilting
Love Simone


Quilt Championship UK 2019

Hej 🙂

So many good things and good news have happened since I last posted, I have a hard time keeping up 🙂
My Quilt “ Rainbow of hope“ just came home with two beautiful ribbons from the
„Quilt Championships UK 2019“ in Sandown.
It one a 1st place Large Wallhanging  and the 1st award for machine quilting stationary…. whooohoo.
I nearly fell from my chair when I got the news 🙂

(sorry, the ribbons keep coming up side down)
Look at these lovely ribbons!!

Happy quilting!

Love Simone


Vermont Quiltshow New England USA 2019

It´s always nice to wake up to good news in the morning 🙂
This morning I got to know that my quilt
„Why me? Why not?“  has won a 3rd place ribbon at the Vermont Quilt show in New England USA . How cool is that 🙂
There where about 1 100 contestant quilts to what I heard. wow 🙂
I´m especially happy because this quilt gave me so much trouble, it made up today 🙂

„Why me? Why not?“ (C) Simone Steuxner 2019

There are about 1500 Swarovski crystal-stars on this quilt. Took a while to get them attached 🙂

Working on another (show) quilt right now!

Happy quilting!

Love Simone






The National Quilt Championship UK 2019

Hej 🙂
Today we celebrate MIDSOMMAR so GLAD MIDSOMMAR to all of you!!
But not only celebrating we summer solstice, no 🙂 Yesterday I got the results of
the National Quilt Championship UK 2019 and it´s time for another happy dance here in Vänsjö 🙂
„Rainbow of hope“ won  1st place Larg Wall hanging  AND
1st Award for machine quilting
my baby made me really proud!

(picture is from last year FoQ UK)

Right now I´m working on my next big project. And in a few weeks I will also know how my newest show quilt „Grandma Sofie´s garden“ did, and I will reveal the quilt here.

until then… Happy Quilting!

Love Simone




more good news and a shower of abundance


more good news to share 🙂
My quilt „feathered Roses“ was accepted into the „Sapphire“ (45 years of quilting) Exhibition in Houston. What an honor! 🙂 only blue/white quilts will be hanging there.

„feathered roses“ (c) Simone Steuxner

but that´s not all 🙂 the universe is showering me with abundance. Two of my quilts won a Honorable Mention at the UQSM show in Salt Lake City/ Utah.

(c)Simone Steuxner
„Green is Gold“

(c)Simone Steuxner

That means 3!!! Ribbons in one week…speachless 🙂

A heartfelt THANK YOU to Walter for all support, love and for believing in me!
I love you!!

now my motivation is high and I´m working frantically on my latest quilt to finish it. 🙂 more about it later… first we have to celebrate a little bit 😉

happy quilting!

Love Simone