Freaking awsom good news

it´s been a while since I´ve been here 🙂
Time is flying and I was busy working and enjoying winter with my dogs.
a new show quilt is finished and already on it´s way to it´s first show… so let´s start with all the good news 🙂 and hopp right in.

„Grandma Sofie´s Garden“ was Finalist at Road2California 2020 and was last week accepted into Spring Paducah in April.. whoo whoo 🙂 fingers crossed. I´ll be there to see how it doe´s 🙂
“ Joyride“ my newest showquilt was just accepted into MQX New England together with „Rainbow of hope“…
I will reveal „Joyride“ after the judging was done in April, so fingers crossed there too 🙂
But…. the best of the best News came late last night from Dubai International Quiltshow 2020.
My quilt „ Green is Gold“ won the BEST of HOME MACHINE QUILTED award and
My quilt „ Why me? Why not? won 1st Place contemporary category.. 
How freaking awesome is that 🙂
here  pictures of the 2 quilts, I hope to get pictures with the awards on it too.

I got a picture from the show with ribbon 🙂

As always goes a big Thank you to the Love of my Life, Walter!
He is simply amazing and always has my back!

Happy quilting!
Love Simone


again… :)

Hej 🙂
today I got the latest magazine from our Quilters Guild the „Rikstäcket“.
They made an interview with me in summer, during our exhibition in Mora 🙂 whilst I was teaching there.
Now I finally can show the result… it still feels strange to see myself again in a newspaper.. ha ha ha… 🙂
(yes, it is in swedish, and no I won´t translate it all)
It´s about how I came to Sweden, how I create my quilts and even a few prizes are listed from my most successful quilts. I creat my quilts mostly by dreaming them or getting a vision. I have kind of photographic memory which helps a lot 🙂
The article is written in a very kind tone and I´m humble for how much I´am appreciated here 🙂  Thank you!
The last days made me pause, and look back on how much my life has changed, especially in the last 3 years, to the positive side. I´m very grateful for it! 🙂

here the pictures, enjoy!

Happy quilting!

Love Simone


Miracles happen – or Houston 2019 I´m coming


Whilst teaching in Mora I got the fantastic news that my Quilt
„Rainbow of hope“ was accepted /juried in to the “ A world of beauty“ competition in Houston 2019.
For the non quilters here… that´s the invitation to the Olympic games for quilters.
It just left me speechless 🙂

this is so far my most successful quilt! Never thought I would come that fare, when I started my journey.
Now, fingers crossed – a long time of waiting and hoping has just begone 🙂

happy Quilting
Love Simone


Quilt Championship UK 2019

Hej 🙂

So many good things and good news have happened since I last posted, I have a hard time keeping up 🙂
My Quilt “ Rainbow of hope“ just came home with two beautiful ribbons from the
„Quilt Championships UK 2019“ in Sandown.
It one a 1st place Large Wallhanging  and the 1st award for machine quilting stationary…. whooohoo.
I nearly fell from my chair when I got the news 🙂

(sorry, the ribbons keep coming up side down)
Look at these lovely ribbons!!

Happy quilting!

Love Simone


Vermont Quiltshow New England USA 2019

It´s always nice to wake up to good news in the morning 🙂
This morning I got to know that my quilt
„Why me? Why not?“  has won a 3rd place ribbon at the Vermont Quilt show in New England USA . How cool is that 🙂
There where about 1 100 contestant quilts to what I heard. wow 🙂
I´m especially happy because this quilt gave me so much trouble, it made up today 🙂

„Why me? Why not?“ (C) Simone Steuxner 2019

There are about 1500 Swarovski crystal-stars on this quilt. Took a while to get them attached 🙂

Working on another (show) quilt right now!

Happy quilting!

Love Simone






The National Quilt Championship UK 2019

Hej 🙂
Today we celebrate MIDSOMMAR so GLAD MIDSOMMAR to all of you!!
But not only celebrating we summer solstice, no 🙂 Yesterday I got the results of
the National Quilt Championship UK 2019 and it´s time for another happy dance here in Vänsjö 🙂
„Rainbow of hope“ won  1st place Larg Wall hanging  AND
1st Award for machine quilting
my baby made me really proud!

(picture is from last year FoQ UK)

Right now I´m working on my next big project. And in a few weeks I will also know how my newest show quilt „Grandma Sofie´s garden“ did, and I will reveal the quilt here.

until then… Happy Quilting!

Love Simone




more good news and a shower of abundance


more good news to share 🙂
My quilt „feathered Roses“ was accepted into the „Sapphire“ (45 years of quilting) Exhibition in Houston. What an honor! 🙂 only blue/white quilts will be hanging there.

„feathered roses“ (c) Simone Steuxner

but that´s not all 🙂 the universe is showering me with abundance. Two of my quilts won a Honorable Mention at the UQSM show in Salt Lake City/ Utah.

(c)Simone Steuxner
„Green is Gold“

(c)Simone Steuxner

That means 3!!! Ribbons in one week…speachless 🙂

A heartfelt THANK YOU to Walter for all support, love and for believing in me!
I love you!!

now my motivation is high and I´m working frantically on my latest quilt to finish it. 🙂 more about it later… first we have to celebrate a little bit 😉

happy quilting!

Love Simone



Paducah update :) – it´s a ribbon …yiekkks :)

it´s wednesday and after a sleepless night – the awards ceremony was live on fb from midnight to 2am, no way I was going to miss that 🙂 – I can reveal that…..
„Rainbow of hope“ won a ribbon Large Wall quilts stationary machine quilted. I´m simply blown away.

For those of you not quilt world related … Paducah Spring Quilt show is one of the most prestige filled shows in USA. Getting a quilt in there is already big, but winning there is beyond words, no matter which place!
This is the only show with purchase awards, that means the Best of show and the master awards from the different categories will be purchased and hung in the Quilt Museum. What a honor and how special is that! 🙂
Dream big right 😉

Happy quilting!
Love Simone

That´s beyond words…. Paducah 2019

Last night I got an email which nearly let me faint…. OMG…
it´s already big when your quilt get´s accepted into that show in Paducah, but getting an email stating that I won something that´s beyond words. Now I have to wait until Wednesday  to find out which place „Rainbow of hope“ won.
I keep you posted! 🙂

Happy Quilting!
Love Simone

Good news from MQX


Hej 🙂
I love it when the day starts with good news 🙂
Just found out that „Green is Gold“ was accepted into MQX New England, a major show in USA. From the other names of the list I can tell you it will be a fiercy competion. But for now it´s waiting again until march.
Prepairing the quilt and shipping off is next 🙂

Here´s once more a picture of the quilt. A wholcloth quilt, my original design.
Happy quilting!
Love Simone