Way too much fun!


This should be a post about block 7  „Home“, but it happened that block 7 got a time out and is now hanging on design wall II for a “ rethinking“… I had already prepared everything  and when I made the set up I really didn`t like how it turned out.
Imagination and Reality didn`t hit each other …so to say 😉
But I saved the best part of it, as it`s the main Theme and this part I liked..
here is the picture


My Samojed dogs 🙂 It`s an Embroidery design from Embroidery Library which I embroidered on the white fabric and it will now be appliqued. The snowflake is my own idea!

But I wasn`t lazy I started right away with block 8 which has lots of pieces and I had way too much fun with dressing it up 🙂
I`m getting addicted to Hand Appliqué 🙂
Here a little sneak peek..
The most small parts are already done.
Tiny tiny… but fun to do!
As I said in the beginning… way to much fun.. I just forget the time with all the details. And yes.. the Labels are a little wonky  – as non of my Labels in real life is straight! 😉

More to come 🙂

Have a relaxing weekend!

Happy Quilting!

Love Simone






Today I´m allowed to share great NEWS 🙂
My twin sister Silke  – living in Australia – ( yes she lives on the south pole and I´m on the north pole 😉  )  won 3rd Place in the brother international quilt challenge!
She is just back from Tokyo where the winning Quilts were on display.
I´m sooooo proud of her!
Have a look on her homepage and blog and read what she has to tell 🙂

Isn`t that cool 🙂
Congratulations from the northern Quilting hemisphere!!!
I love you!












Midsommar i Midvinter


The temperatures are low, between -33C up to -27C today and I`ve just finished block 5!
It`s kind of funny to work on this block around this time of the year, as Midsommar is the Swedish Highlight of the year!
As challenging as block 4 has been, as easy was block 5. And it shows that the „right“ Vilene is working best. With block 4 I had to make a compromise, as I`ve been running out of the slightly stronger Vilene and only had a lighter Weight at hand. But the lesson is learned! 🙂
And best of all… I could order the Vilene here in Sweden!!

I´ve been stitching all the good memories into block 5, have a look 🙂


like always.. Preparation first! Tiny circles.. a challenge 🙂

needles and pins…
Tiny circles are getting in place.. no chance without glue!
Can you see how tiny they are?
The „Dala häst“ ( Dala horse) is one of Sweden most known symbols! Deeply connected with the Landscape Dalarna and it`s riche traditions around Midsommar. The horses are from original fabric of Dalarna!

As always I´m not going to show the hole finished block.. sorry. You have to wait until later. 🙂
But I absolutely love how it turned out! So I promise the waiting is worth it!!

I´m already working on block 6.. yes.. and this is more Winter related.. it`s “ Jul“ which means X-mas.

So.. See you soon!

Happy quilting!

Love Simone








Welcome back!
I`m a little late with writing, that`s because 50cm snow and -33C came between me and block 4. I love those cold temperatures and was a lot outside 🙂

But now it`s finished and ready to show!
The name of block 4 is Sagåland, in English it means fairytale land.
Sweden is deeply connected to a rich tradition of old fairytales, fairies, gnomes and nature. You can feel theme everywhere in the countryside if you`re sensitive. Like myself, and that`s the reason why I chose it as block 4.  A tribute to my little helpers and natur friends 🙂

Let`s have a look 🙂

tiny as always… the body of a butterfly 🙂

Yes, it`s already sewn to the background! No stitches to see… like it should be!
A dragonfly in detail… I love them! As butterflies they stand for transformation..
lot of detail work was done.. ( sorry the picture should be upright)

There is a fairy too but my PC didn`t want to upload it, so I`m going to show it later!

I´m already working on block 5! So stay tuned!

Have a great winter day!

Happy quilting!

Love Simone

..here it is… thanks to Walter!!



31.12.2015 19:00


It`s maybe only me the Capricorn sitting in my  sewing room around this time of the year, but guess what..

Finished! Goal accomplished…YES!

Here it is.. the final UFO from 2015… 🙂

IMG_3338 IMG_3340


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Gott Nytt År! Prospero Anno! Ein Gutes Neues Jahr!

May it be a healthy one, a good one and a blessed one!

Love to all of you!
Happy Quilting in 2016!

Love Simone