It´s been a while since my last post but I was busy working on the „whish upon a star“ Quilt.
It was supposed to go to a competition but it didn´t make it to that point, because it was sold befor…great! That`s how I like it best 😉
Here some pics… enjoy 🙂

WuaS_1 WuaS_2
2x2m, and 3000m quilting thread! 🙂

The Baltimore album Quilt is making progress too.. block 11 + 12 are finished and now getting the last embroidery done. leaves me to the triangels and corners 🙂
But I also started to quilt – finally – the Secret Love Quilt. The quilting design process gave me some headaches but now I´m on the way. Again it`s a big Quilt – about 2,10×2,10m so it will take a while, but a soon as possible I´ll post pictures of it!

In the mean time! Happy quilting!

Love Simone