Lemons or scraps


It´s been a while since I last wrote, but I was busy re-arranging my life and my garden too. You know the saying: when life gives you Lemons make Lemonade, or as we Quilters say: If life gives you Scraps make Quilts…. I did that too.
After all the Scraps it looks already more bright and I think it`s going to work out beautiful, like it always does in my life. I´ve learned a lot, and released a lot and that´s what counts in the end… so, I´m grateful for the lesson 🙂

But let´s see what I´ve been up to:
Baltimore is on the pause button for a moment. But I finally got an idea for block 7!
In the focus now was most of all the garden and the veggies… done by now, waiting for better weather. I was watering the plants with warm water yesterday… so you can imagine the temperatures outside…
Than I prepared 5 other quilts for quilting, ditching is already done!
I showed them at the last Sewing Wednesday from my Quilters Guild this week. Boy had we fun that afternoon! I stayed in Mora over night, a hole new Experience for me, but it was really fun!

And when I came home on Thursday afternoon I started to quilt the Secret Love Quilt which is currently under my needle!

here some pics:
Orcas, wall size, by now already prepared for quilting and ditched

Dreamcatcher Quilt, wall size, prepared for quilting

A flutter by,( picture is sideways sorry), bed size, prepared for quilting

Secret Love Quilt, large wall size, my main focus on right now! Deadline End of July, because I want it to be in a Quilt show in late September. Fingers crossed!

Hunt the stars, bed size, prepared for quilting and already ditched!

Rumble in the jungle, wall size, prepared for quilting and already ditched!

Looks like I have to get some pictures done too, but the weather was so bad I didn´t manage to take some. Next time!

2 of my Quilts are at Quilts UK 2016 in Malvern right now, final day today! I expect them to come home by end of next week/ beginning of June. I´m very curious about what the judges wrote!
It`s the large Bed Quilt “ Björn- Le Moyne Star“ – you remember from Mora Quilt Exhibition last year, and the “ Vänskap/ Friendship“ Quilt, also from Mora Quilt Exhibition last year. I hope to get some pics from the show in UK!

There is sure more news to share, but that´s for next time 😉

In the mean time Happy Quilting!
Have fun!

Love Simone