Time to reveal a Secret


After a little while…here I am again. Summer is over here and Autumn is taking over with cold nights and days with temperatur we like. 🙂
I was busy working in my Garden, harvesting and now finally make it ready for winter. Which means lots of work, but also soon more time for sewing again.
The Festival of Quilts was last weekend and my thoughts were there. Remembering what a good time I had there last year. What nice people I met and also an old friend of mine. Only good memories there 🙂
Two of my Quilts were at the FoQ. One in competition and one in the EQA Exhibition. Looking forward to read the judges comment for the competition Quilt, you might remember it from the OEQC 2015 in Maastricht.

Here are pictures of those two:
„The People – which way are we going“ an Awareness Quilt. OEQC 2015 Maastricht (Theme Category), now in the Contemporary Category at FoQ2016.
And my EQA Quilt: this years theme: „Greetings from…“, it´s 25x35cm.The reindeer is embroidered with my HQ viking designer Ruby and the design is from www.emblibrary.com

So, these were the first two secrets lifted, but there´s more 😉
In May this year I got asked from my Quilters Guild if I would hold a class in freemotion quilting for DMC. I feel very blessed and honored to hold this class in beginning of Oktober 🙂  It was a lot of preparation work to do, but I loved every minute of it. Looking forward to it!

And now… drums please…the final Secret…
Started in January it was a long journey and if I only count the working hours, it took me 3 Month (!) in the making, quilting and finishing itself.
This Quilt came in a dream to me, it´s my original design, and I learned a lot from it. In these Quilt are stitched more then 5000m of thread! ( the Lace masks not counted, each of them has more than 48000 embroidery stitches)  I didn´t count the crystals .. and I was really sad I couldn´t finish it in time of the deadline for the Scottish Quilt Championship, it was supposed to go there…..but what counts most in the end. I made it with all my Love. 🙂
Here it is..finally…. Secret Love… enjoy.
2mx 2m (sorry picture is sideways)
(sorry again…picture is sideways)



I have to make also pictures from the binding, it´s gorgeous!

That´s it for today 🙂
A long journey ended and now I have time to finish the other 7 Quilts still waiting here for me 😉

Have a great day! Life is good!

Happy quilting!

Love Simone