Lidköping 2016


I´m back from this years Quiltköping in Lidköping. One of my Quilts were there in the challenge and did well, but no winning what so ever. But it´s always fun to join 🙂


Life during the last month was kind of a roller coaster or storm at sea but I´ve learned to surf the waves by now.
I finished my first Rosette from the Millefiori book 2 „balett…“, a English Paper piecing project (EPP), totally sewn by hand. And already started the second Rosette.


My main focus is now on my Baltimore Album Quilt. I´m appliqueing the last triangels and corners. All 12 blocks are finished, a little bit of embroidery has to be done, but than I already can start thinking about the layout and sewing it together. The idea for the border is also growing. sure still a lot of work to do. It´s kind of a challenge to myself to get the Top finished until December, so I can start with the Quilting as planed.

Did I mention that I have 2 puppies (4 month and 9 weeks) here with me, and am sewing in my kitchen? 🙂
but as always…in the end everything will  be fine 🙂


block 7 Home; I managed to gett the northern lights into to text. Like how it turned out.
1 of 4 Triangels in the layout, Embroidery is coming!

That´s it for today!

Happy quilting!

Love Simone