The last days I´ve been busy finishing the quilts waiting since summer. And the pile is nearly done 🙂 there are only 2 Quilts left for quilting. Happy Dance 🙂

One of the finished Quilts is “ a flutter by“ which is also for sale and soon you can find it also in our shop!

(always wondering why some pictures end up sideways..sorry)
(same here)
the quilting is a over all feather border, freehand free motion quilted, and the border has some crosshatching. 🙂

another one is finally the „Midsommar Tango“ Quilt. Love how it turned out.
I tried the new Marathon thread antic gold on it, and just fell in love with this thread.

img_4234 img_4236 img_4237 img_4238
Midsommar Tango (C)Simone Steuxner@nissebo.eu

Also finished is Walters Quilt, the Hunter star Quilt in a scrappy version. 🙂

img_4170 img_4171
(Sideways, sorry) I love the colours in this Quilt 🙂

there are also some Challenge Quilts finished and in a „thinking state“. The EQA for 2017 are already finished.
Yes, I´ve been busy since I was „allowed“ to enter my sewing room again 😉
Full speed or nothing!

Happy Quilting until next time!

Love Simone


Once in a Lifetime – or Houston Quilt Festival 2016

Houston Quilt Festival  3 words every Quilter  I´m sure is dreaming about. It´s the Olympic games of the Quilters. The worlds best Quilters and there Quilts are meeting there in Competition and friendship. Festival is also a Mecca for all Quilters who want to shop the heart out. It´s shop till you dropp.

For me the surprise came in late February when Walter told me…you´re going to fly to Houston in November. OMG..stand still my Quilting heart.

What shell I say.. I´m back now since yesterday, still fighting some jetlag and temperatur difference – from +30C down to snow and -10C, but I prefer winter!! 🙂
And it was a really great experience, I have no adjectives for it. It was huge from the space it takes. Rows organized by numbers from 100 – 2000 helped a lot with the orientation.  Every Booth is like it´s own Quilt show and a Candy store at the same time. I´ve never ever seen such a huge arrangement of threads, fabric or notions. Every Quilters heart is beating faster at this place!
It´s a huge challenge to not blow your budget, nearly impossible!
The Quilts hanging at the show – Exhibit or Competition – exquisite! It´s a feast for the eye to have a close up look and a learning experience at the same time! also if you are not allowed to take pictures from all of them. I came up with 556 pictures from the show in sum.
Feel free to take a look on our homepage / galleri/ side 2 – Houston 2016, there you will find all the pictures. It´s worse the time!


I´ll live on this experience for a very long time. The journey, the impressions, the ideas, the people I met.

A huge THANK YOU to Walter who gave this to me! I love you!

Can´t wait to get back in my sewing room, sewing up all my ideas!

Happy Quilting!

Love Simone