Goal accomplished


Sometimes I amaze myself… as it´s the final hours of the year 2016 I just managed to finish the Top of the Baltimore Album Quilt.
Remember when I started 2015 in September, my goal was to have the Top done until December 2016.
Honestly after all the throwbacks and stones coming my way during this time I really was sure I would not make it. But I kept working and right now, today at 17:52 i finished the last embroidery stitch on the last corner.
The Top is now on the design wall in my new Quilting house 🙂
So happy about it, and can´t nearly believe it….but… it shows.. never underestimate a Capricorn 😉 and…never give up!

A Happy New Year to all of you out there! May it be a blessed one!
Gott Nytt År till alla!
Guten Rutsch! und Ein Gutes Neues Jahr 2017!

Vi ses!

Happy Quilting!

Love Simone



Winter solstice


Today I want to wish all of you a Happy Winter solstice! At 11:44 the sun and light is turning, means we are welcoming the light back!
As for a personal reason I´m no longer celebrating X-Mas, but I celebrate the Winter Solstice with a candle ceremony. Please join me!

Tonight I light the fire!

As it is the Winter solstice, the shortest day and the longest darkest night of the year, it is also the time of the year where the light is returning. The light of the new year and the light of new beginnings.

Tonight I light the fire! And I light 22 candles. Each for a special dedication.

1 candle. May the returning light of the new year and the light of the fire reach out to the darkest places here on earth and touch the hearts and minds to bring back consciousness and love.

2 candle. May the fire and the returning light bring the needed change!

3 candle. May the fire and the returning light bring peace in each heart.

4 candle. May the fire and the returning light bring gratefulness for mother earth!

5 candle. Is the candle for the people I´m grateful for. Those who love me unconditionally.

6 candle. Is the candle for the people I´m grateful for too. The one who taught me the lessons.

7 candle. Is for the person who hurt me so deeply that something broke inside of me. I forgive you!

8 candle. Is for the family I come from. May it bring you comfort and peace.

9 candle. Is for the people who try to be friends. Thank you!

10 candle. Is for my pack! I love you so deeply words can never tell!

11 candle. Is for all animals on this planet! Thank you!

12 candle. Is for all plants on this planet! Thank you!

13 candle. Is for my home! I´m grateful for the place I´m allowed to live in peace!

14 candle. Is for the water and soil I´m living from! Thank you for the richness of your Fruits!

15 candle. Is for my Spirit guides! Thank you for being there!

16 candle. Is for all my pets gone before me! I know you´re still there and you are awaiting me! I love you!

17 candle. Is for my talents and gifts! I´m grateful also if it´s not always easy to live with.

18 candle. Is for the coming year and all it is holding in it.

19 candle. Is for all those who died and are now home again! And for those who are ill!

20 candle. Is for the never ending, unconditional Love! May it shine brighter than ever!

21 candle. Is for the path we are walking. May it guide our steps with love.

22 candle. Is for ME. I made it through another year. I´m grateful and I feel blessed.
Tonight I light the fire… for another year! Peace, Love and blessings to all of you!

©Simone Steuxner 2016