the end of a journey

…and Happy St. Patricks day!
today at 11:44 ended a long journey for me 🙂
Remember when I started my Baltimore Album Quilt in 2015?
..exactly on the 28.09.2015.
A lot of things have happened since then, a lot of working hours were done.
Time flew like it feels now 🙂 and nothing could stop me from accomplishing my goal!
I´m very proud to say today  “ I made it!“ 🙂
I take the „green day“ as we call St. Patricks day too as a good Omen, because green is the color of healing and the heart chakra.
A long journey came to an end…still can´t believe it.

Please be aware!:
it´s my original design – no copying allowed!
it´s all hand appliqued with the Apliquick(c) technik / tools
threads used for hand appliquè  are  Silk threads from YLI
the batting is 100% wool batting from Hobbs heirloom
Threads for the quilting are from Wonderfil 100wt Invisafil (5000m)
Embroidery motive (Samoyeds) is from embroidery library (find the licens/permit rules on their homepage)
all hand embroidery thread is from DMC
all fabrics are 100% cotton fabric
the material needed for the apliquick(c) technik  is from Vlieseline/vilene
All quilting was accomplished on my sit-down Pfaff Powerquilter 16.0
the applique mimics the so called „kurbits“ painting which is typically found in Sweden on furniture, fabric or decoration pieces.
The entire Quilt is made in hand applique and it took me 3 month to quilt it.

Hope I didn´t forget something
Here some pics now: 🙂

The Quilt messures 250x250cm  (picture taken in my new „Quilt stuga“ which was build because of this Quilt – to give it a home – another story 😉  )
The name of the Quilt “ My heart is Swedish“

close up of one of the blocks (Love is)

detail of the border and one of the filler triangels

and here may I present to you…(drum rolls)
„My heart is Swedish“

I feel very blessed today !
My big THANK YOU goes to Walter for all his support during the hole time!
Love you honey!

I wish you all a blessed day!
Happy quilting!

Love Simone



Update Baltimore Album Quilt


Spring is near also here in Sweden, also if we got a bit more snow during the last week. Today is sunny and -12C a fantastic day for a long dog walk.
But first some updates 🙂

I´ve been busy with my time schedule and my Baltimore takes shape and is coming soon to an end. What a good feeling 🙂
Since January I was sitting and quilting this beast and now it´s only the border left. Right now I´m appliquéing the last 20 daisy flowers onto the borders and the quilting is already marked on the border. Piping and binding strips are already cut and waiting.
Here some pics:

Yes, my Baltimore has a Unicorn 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Happy quilting 🙂

Love Simone