UQSM 2018 Salt Lake City / USA…. and something big!

I´m back from the Quilt show in Salt Lake City 🙂 and have to say the UQSM show is a show with heart! Such lovely people there and I hade lots of fun and sure some retail therapy too 🙂
A lovely Lady from my Quilters Guild in Mora came with me and together we had a good look around in the area and the Quilt shops. Wow – talk about huge Quilt shops!!!  Take a cup of coffee… this is going to be a long blog post 😉

Red Butt Gardens and Mormon Temple with lovely gardens around!!

We started our Needletour at Gardeners Village where they had a fairy festival and everything was decorated with lovely little fairy gardens 🙂 and our first shop the Pine Needle Quilt shop was also there – talk heaven!! 😉

From there we went to Renae Haddadin Quilt shop Quilts on the Corner a ten minute taxi ride from Gardeners village, and in the same place there is also Quilts etc.
Both wonderful places 🙂 There are a lot of Quilt shops in the area but I think Quilts etc. is the largest one of all…. OOOOMMMMGGGG 🙂 Did I say Heaven already… this is heaven and it goes on – on the other street side… Quilts etc.

books, notions and faaaaabbbbricccc….

House nr2 on the other street side is all about buttons, patterns and wool applique and stitchery, and novelty prints

a place to loose your mind 😉
Next day we went to the Quilt show and the awards ceremony… which really held a surprise 🙂
I got an email about 4am – in the middle of the night – but after I read it there was no way I could sleep any longer… the email stated… „we want to let you know that you won an award, but of course we won´t tell you what award. Please join us tonight at the awards ceremony… “  Good there where two pillows on my bed I could scream into to not wake up the whole hotel 🙂 🙂
The video from the awards ceremony is on my fb page.

The judges where from the NACQJ (National Association of Certified Quilt Judges) that was huge and a honor, because this really means something – they know their business!

They wanted us to know that the competition entries where on a high international level and all who had won an award tonight can be proud of it because it really is big! In the end they had 20 Quilts who all where possible Best of Show winner Quilts – but they had to pick one…  (the Best of Show is picked out of all 1st place winners!)

Best of show: Sherry Reynolds
Front and back of the Quilt 🙂 amazing!

Karen K. Buckley 1st place Applique

Beth Nufer another winner 🙂

Janet Stone 🙂 another winner

Bethanne Nemesh also a 1st place winner 🙂

…okay… I can´t wait any longer…. 🙂

My Quilt – Rainbow of Hope won 1st place conventional machine 🙂
(and yes… this means it was also up for Best of show…OMG I still can´t believe it)

to sum it up you could say in this show have been the best Quilts from all around, the one´s you normal only see in magazines and dream of to see them live… yes they where all there and I was able to see them. This was beyond what I ever would have dreamed off…

But the best thing of all are the people behind the scene.. Jina and Moana who bought the show after Vicky Hundert death . People with heart and so much love!

The whole journey was like a miracle for me, all and everything fell in place like it was guided and ment to be…unbelievable. 🙂
This journey means a lot to me and all the nice comments I got – I will keep them in my heart. Winning 1st place… with a Quilt which gave me sooo much trouble… I really learned a lot, and lot´s has changed in the last month and weeks..

A big THANK YOU to my lifemate Walter who always has my back and believes in me! I love you!

Happy Quilting!

Vi ses!

Love Simone