Happy sewing 2019!… let´s start with something finished

Happy New Sew-Year to all of you 🙂 May 2019 be a good one!
How about starting with something finished? I have been very busy since early November 2018 and here are some results 🙂 (ok, yes you are right… I´m always busy 🙂 )
My first try on a whole cloth quilt went quiet well. I designed it in late September and started quilting in November, it took about 6 weeks from start to finish. It´s already entered for a „Green“- Challenge in USA, so fingers crossed. The name is „Green is Gold“, I used gold embroidery-thread from Guetermann, and did also some yarn couching. A lot of Swarovski crystals went on it too :), fabric is 100% cotton, batting is a lofty polyester for the puffy feathers 😉
(click on the picture to make it larger)

„Green is Gold“ Simone Steuxner (c)nissebodesign 2018     50″x 50″

over x-mas I made a baby quilt, which I can´t show here right now, because it´s a gift, so you´ll have to wait 🙂
Next on was a blue and white quilt for an Exhibition in Houston this year, we will see how it works out – accepted or not- in march 🙂
It´s a kind of vintage quilt, as I found the table cloth in a second hand store in Östersund and fell in love with it. Quilted with Wonderfil Master quilter 40wt, 100%cotton, fabric and batting.
here the pictures: the name is: „feathered roses“     65″x 63″

„Feathered Roses“ SimoneSteuxner(c)nissebodesign 2018

and last but not least the one I´m currently working on… means quilting, because I work on 3 different projects right now 😉
It already demanded it´s name be: „Why me? Why not?“  but it´s not sure which way it will go! (show or no show that´s the question 😉 )

Simone Steuxner(c)nissebodesign 2019

well 🙂 that´s it for today, there sure is always more to tell, but I also need something for a next time 😉

Happy quilting!
Vi ses
Love Simone