Paducah update :) – it´s a ribbon …yiekkks :)

it´s wednesday and after a sleepless night – the awards ceremony was live on fb from midnight to 2am, no way I was going to miss that 🙂 – I can reveal that…..
„Rainbow of hope“ won a ribbon Large Wall quilts stationary machine quilted. I´m simply blown away.

For those of you not quilt world related … Paducah Spring Quilt show is one of the most prestige filled shows in USA. Getting a quilt in there is already big, but winning there is beyond words, no matter which place!
This is the only show with purchase awards, that means the Best of show and the master awards from the different categories will be purchased and hung in the Quilt Museum. What a honor and how special is that! 🙂
Dream big right 😉

Happy quilting!
Love Simone

That´s beyond words…. Paducah 2019

Last night I got an email which nearly let me faint…. OMG…
it´s already big when your quilt get´s accepted into that show in Paducah, but getting an email stating that I won something that´s beyond words. Now I have to wait until Wednesday  to find out which place „Rainbow of hope“ won.
I keep you posted! 🙂

Happy Quilting!
Love Simone