more good news and a shower of abundance


more good news to share 🙂
My quilt „feathered Roses“ was accepted into the „Sapphire“ (45 years of quilting) Exhibition in Houston. What an honor! 🙂 only blue/white quilts will be hanging there.

„feathered roses“ (c) Simone Steuxner

but that´s not all 🙂 the universe is showering me with abundance. Two of my quilts won a Honorable Mention at the UQSM show in Salt Lake City/ Utah.

(c)Simone Steuxner
„Green is Gold“

(c)Simone Steuxner

That means 3!!! Ribbons in one week…speachless 🙂

A heartfelt THANK YOU to Walter for all support, love and for believing in me!
I love you!!

now my motivation is high and I´m working frantically on my latest quilt to finish it. 🙂 more about it later… first we have to celebrate a little bit 😉

happy quilting!

Love Simone