again… :)

Hej 🙂
today I got the latest magazine from our Quilters Guild the „Rikstäcket“.
They made an interview with me in summer, during our exhibition in Mora 🙂 whilst I was teaching there.
Now I finally can show the result… it still feels strange to see myself again in a newspaper.. ha ha ha… 🙂
(yes, it is in swedish, and no I won´t translate it all)
It´s about how I came to Sweden, how I create my quilts and even a few prizes are listed from my most successful quilts. I creat my quilts mostly by dreaming them or getting a vision. I have kind of photographic memory which helps a lot 🙂
The article is written in a very kind tone and I´m humble for how much I´am appreciated here 🙂  Thank you!
The last days made me pause, and look back on how much my life has changed, especially in the last 3 years, to the positive side. I´m very grateful for it! 🙂

here the pictures, enjoy!

Happy quilting!

Love Simone