46 Hearts

As I got to know I´m already international and on demand this blog is going to be in English from now on. I´m happy to oblige!


46 Hearts… what`s that going to be? Well, Walter thinks it only can be Love Chaos, but no it`s block 3!
I was busy working on it and now I want to share it with you!
As always with this tiny little guys, it took a while to prepare everything.

Here are some pictures:

The 46 Hearts cut out from the vilene/ vlieseline
1″ hearts by the way!

The small pieces on the right fabric… it took a while!


see the hearts?.. they are the leaves and flower leaves
As I can`t work with thimbles ( and I tried really every brand) my fingers look like this after 8 h of stitching.
This little fellow is the treasure of my heart. It`s Thor our youngest pack member.
And like Samuel (which died in January, it`s almost a year now and we still miss him terribly) he likes to join me in my sewing room.

already with the Embroidery done!
A close up… so you can see the hearts
5 full days of work are completed!

Guess what.. block 4 is already prepared!

In the meantime I`ve also been working on two other competition Quilts. One smal one ( 40x40inch/1x1m) which is for our Guild Challenge and is supposed to be due in February! I´m nearly done quilting it.
And another big one like the Baltimore here. So much I give away… I was embroidering my first freestanding Lace for it 😉
It`s ready to be quilted now…and I´m just designing the quilting.
There`s more going on here but that`s for another time…

For now I say “ happy quilting!“

See you soon!

Love Simone