Why emmigrate ??

If you take a look at the picutre below, you might get a glimpse how beautiful nature ist around our little yard. We live far away from every bigger town, very secluded surrounded by deep green nature and a myriad of little and a little bigger lakes.

One of my goals that i am trying to achieve with emmigration ist to find a better approach to nature and to myself. It's not that i haven't been myself in the last years, but i sense that i want to take a step back, to a simpler life, where you find out what you have to do to survive.

I want to learn where things come from, i want to feel what is necessary for life, i want to do things on my own, and all this in harmony with nature

One thought that bothers me quite a while is, how much money do we need nowadays to live a reasonable life. And it's very clear for me that the word "reasonable" in this connection is quite dependent from the eye of the beholder. For me it means a bed to sleep, to know that i have something to eat tomorrow and that i can take a shower whenever i like. One of the important things is that i have enough time together with my family and pack to enjoy the live in the stunning nature arround us.

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