Who are we ??

We are four and so we are a whole pack. We that is Simone. Walter, Nikita and Thor.

Simone: She is born in the zodiac sign capricorn, and as twin - she has a twin sister who is emmigrated to Australia. Simone is the second boss in our pack. She has found her passion for sewing and quilting, and she designes beautiful quilts and baby covers. Take a look in our web-shop, if your are interested :)

Walter: He is a double lion, and so (these are Simones words) he is more lucky than others, and he always gets what he wants. (I see it a little different - i think that everyone gets what he or she deserves ;) Walter is the boss of the pack. He is trying to keep everything together. He likes brain teasers, nature and concerning sport he is a fan of everything you can play with racket and a ball.

Thor: Our thunderer with the hammer in his heart is our cuddly and always full of energy - He does not see very well, but his ears are very good. Branches that grow across his way are often ignored, then he's going to be stopped and he doesn't know, why he can't move on. He is always friendly and in good mood.

and our newest members Sami, Abby and little Pumpkin.

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