where to emmigrate ??

Where to emigrate has something to do with the motivation why you want to take this step. Our motivation was to live closer to nature, some place where you don't feel the dependence to the economy so clearly. We wanted to see, where all those things we eat, come from.

Therefore it was clear, that we searched for a place, where all this is possible, a place where we are surrounded by nature.

In the beginning Simone and I created a list, with all the features our future home should have. This really helped, because just a little later we found our new home on the web. It was clear for both of us, that this was the right place for us to live.

Now we are here (nearly 5 years - wow time is flying) and we are proud to say, that everything worked out just fine. In our little village people are glad that we moved in. We help and visit our neighbours sometimes, and so do they. Our vegetables grow, and we brought some of our projects to completion. Winter is not as dark as one would imagine it. Nevertheless we are looking forward to the day the light comes back every year.

We only can say - it was the right decission for us to settle down here in Sweden. We would make the same decission today, if we would have to.

last update: 12.12.2015 / (c) Gasser Walter Impressum